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Whisky On The West Coast

Originally from the Gaelic ‘uisge beatha’, meaning ‘water of life’, whisky has been distilled in Scotland for hundreds of years. Since then, whisky has become a cultural asset for the nation, and in 2015 was reported to be worth approximately £5 billion to the UK economy. A substantial figure though perhaps not a surprising one [...]

Camping on the West Coast of Scotland

Is there anything more relaxing than waking up to the refreshing Scottish air, breathtaking scenery and surrounded by nature? We certainly don’t think so. With some of the most beautiful landscapes around, it may not be a surprise that Scotland has a number of fantastic campsites for the perfect little getaway from the stresses of [...]

Surfing on the West Coast of Scotland

What does Campbeltown have in common with Los Angeles, Gold Coast and Oahu? (Clue: it isn’t the weather!). Scotland actually boasts some fantastic surfing spots, and draws wave riders from across the UK, Europe and further afield. Scotland also now helps host the O’Neill’s Cold Water Classic series, a mini surf tour that visits the [...]

3 Great Blogs about Scotland and the West Coast

Scotland is a big place. Despite only having around 9% of the UK’s population, we make up more than a third of the total landmass. That’s a lot of places to see, cultures to experience, and food to eat! Thankfully, there are some fantastic bloggers and websites out there that share stories, news and great [...]

Cycling on the West Coast

Our nation’s western beauty is widely admired. At West Coast Tours we guide thousands of people around the wonderful islands of Mull, Iona, and Staffa every year. Our tours offer visitors the chance to see the islands in all of their glory, but for those looking to venture slightly off the conventional route, a cycling [...]

Dreaming of a Glasgow Christmas

Glasgow, a vibrant city irrespective of the season, is particularly special over Christmas. As the Christmas lights light up the streets of Glasgow, marking the beginning of the 2015 festivities in Scotland’s largest city, there are lots of things to see and do for both locals and visitors alike. Some of the most eagerly anticipated [...]

Mull’s Must Attend Events

The Isle of Mull has it all. From scuba diving, amazing wildlife, to the most wonderful walks, visitors can immerse themselves in a variety of different activities that can make the trip to the West Coast an unforgettable experience. Our tours provide newcomers with the opportunity to experience some of the best facets of the [...]

Fishing on the West Coast

The West Coast of Scotland offers excellent fishing opportunities for sea anglers and fresh water fisherman. The waters around Mull in particular have proven to be one of the best fishing spots the UK has to offer, and have a variety of wonderful rivers, lochs and lochans to fish in. Within these waters, fishers can [...]

Scuba Diving around Mull

When talking about the beauty of Scotland’s West Coast, we often look at the picturesque views, unique wildlife, historic castles and the tranquil villages dotted across the landscape. Scotland’s beauty is tied up in its magnificent mountains and rolling glens. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find an entirely different world, one that’s often [...]

The West Coast on Screen

Over the years, our beautiful nation has been showcased in some of the world’s finest productions of big and small screen. Featuring in the likes of Harry Potter, James Bond, World War Z and many others has helped bring thousands of tourist to the country each year. In fact, according to Visit Scotland, 20% of [...]