3 Great Blogs about Scotland and the West Coast

Scotland is a big place. Despite only having around 9% of the UK’s population, we make up more than a third of the total landmass. That’s a lot of places to see, cultures to experience, and food to eat!

3 Great Blogs about Scotland and the West Coast

Thankfully, there are some fantastic bloggers and websites out there that share stories, news and great information to help tourists and locals alike find the best things to see, do, eat and drink when travelling around Scotland. Here are some of the best blogs and sites around that do just that.

  1. Adventures Around Scotland – http://www.adventuresaroundscotland.com/


What is it: A sophisticated blog with reviews,

Run by: Susanne, “a native Scot who loves to tour the world and my own backyard looking for new adventures”guides and other great information for the traveller coming to Scotland.

Why we love it: The sheer breadth of content. Susanne shares photography, full island guides and even covers more fortean or paranormal things (think standing stones and witches!).

There are some great reviews of hotels and walks around the country, and her Instagram feed is also great.

  1. BumbleBambi – https://www.instagram.com/bumblebambi/


What is it: An Instagram feed featuring photography from around Scotland.

Run by: Bee, a “Shetland lass, born & raised”. According to her profile, she’s aiming to visit every island, bag every munro, and travel everywhere in Scotland.

Why we love it: In a nutshell, the photography is stunning. The shots are varied and interesting, and cover a wide range of Scottish life. Bee is especially good at capturing both urban and rural landscapes in low and dying light, bringing a warmth and glow to every shot she takes – even at the height of winter!

  1. Funky Ella’s Travels – http://www.funkyellastravel.com/

Funky Ella Shopped

What is it: A blog and location guide that provides information on events, accommodation and attractions across Scotland.

Run by: Nicola, a “Travel Writer and Photographer based in Fife”. According to her profile, she likes to find things a bit different, unusual and a bit funky!

Why we love it: Nicola’s site is so comprehensive it’s hard to believe it’s a one woman show! She writes about events, attractions, food and drink and even accommodation in the places she visits.

In a recent post she shared her goals for the year in Scotland, which included kayaking in the open sea, horse riding along a beach and climbing to the top of the forth road bridge amongst many more. We can’t wait to see how much of this ambitious list she can tackle! Good luck Nicola!

If these blogs have managed to sell Scotland to you, make sure to have a look at our tours page, where you can get information about our guided tours in Glasgow and across the West Coast!