Visit the Isle of Iona

Take a boat trip Iona and visit the isle’s incredible beaches. If you are lucky with the weather, it may even look like this!

The landscape of Staffa

Explore Fingal’s cave and if you are lucky, see the puffins on Staffa!

Loch Spelve

See Loch Spelve as part of the Three Isles Tour, or Discovery Day pass

Iona Abbey

Visit historic Iona Abbey on the Isle of Iona on a boat trip from Oban or Mull

The Three Isles Tour

Visit Fingal’s Cave on the Isle of Staffa as well as Mull and Iona on one of the best day trips available in the UK

See the iconic puffins

Visit Staffa or the Treshnish Isles to have a chance to see these comical birds up close

Travel with West Coast Tours

Visit Mull, Iona & Staffa

McCaig’s Tower

Discover McCaigs tower, overlooking the wonderful town of Oban

Introducing our perfect day trips in Scotland

The west coast of Scotland offers a diverse landscape from cosmopolitan Glasgow to the serenity of Iona. Discover these landscapes with our range of tours and days out in Scotland.

Our Three Isles Tour takes you from Oban over to Mull on the ferry for a scenic drive through Mull before transferring to a boat for the journey to the Isle of Staffa. After exploring this unique island and Fingal’s Cave, we sail to Iona before returning to Oban via Mull.

We also have tours from Oban that let you visit Tobermory and the Isle of Staffa in one day! There’s also wildlife tours to the Treshnish Isles where you can get up close to puffins and a huge variety of bird and sea life.

Visiting Isle of Mull

You can still explore Mull on our island local bus network

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Three Isles Tour

One of the best day tours in Britain, Visit Mull, Iona & Staffa

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