Surfing on the West Coast of Scotland

What does Campbeltown have in common with Los Angeles, Gold Coast and Oahu? (Clue: it isn’t the weather!).

Scotland actually boasts some fantastic surfing spots, and draws wave riders from across the UK, Europe and further afield. Scotland also now helps host the O’Neill’s Cold Water Classic series, a mini surf tour that visits the best cold water waves around the world, including Canada, California and New Zealand.

Surfing on the West Coast of Scotland

There are several locations on our Scottish coast lines that regularly get rave reviews, with waves that can be as testing as they are gnarly!

One spot that we highly recommend you to try is that of Machrihanish, situated close to Westport Beach in Argyll. Machrihanish, is a great location for surfers of all levels, whether it’s the white water with a foam board or the challenge of navigating through the best waves Scotland has to offer on your surfboard!

Better yet, the tranquillity of Machrihanish is accompanied by the most beautiful scenery, as surfers are treated to the backdrop of the region’s sand dunes, so make sure to make a picnic! You will need one after being tested by some epic waves!

If you’re looking for something different, or travelling from further afield and want to make a tour of Scotland’s best surf locations, then you have to try the renowned Thurso waves.

Right on Scotland’s northernmost tip, Thurso is one of the best reef breaks in the UK, and produces waves up to 15 ft. tall! It is a good 300 miles north of Machrihanish however, so stopping off at Machir Bay, another of Scotland’s great wave locations is the perfect way to break up a long trip!

Sound tempting?

Well before you jump in your car and travel to Scotland’s Coast lines, make sure to pack your wetsuit as much like the country in general, the water is freezing! In fact, most surfers recommend that you have a suit that is at least 5.3mm thick to avoid the risk of hyperthermia, even in the warmest months!

However, don’t let that put you off as surfing in Scotland is unique; not much beats a great day mastering the waves at Machrihanish and picnicking on Westport Beach.

So get your boards strapped to the car and try it for yourself! And if you have time, make sure to take in an island or three!