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5 Places You’d Never Believe Were The West Coast of Scotland

Sometimes it's not raining in Scotland, in fact sometimes its sunny and pretty breath-taking. Don't believe us? Have a look and see for yourself; would you believe these pictures were taken on the west coast of Scotland? Denmark? Flickr/Jame31 This fortress might look iike it belongs in a Danish Viking Settlement, but it's actually Duart [...]

Cheese On The West Coast

Scotland is home to some of the world’s finest cheeses, many of which are made in superb rural locations. However, many people are unaware that some of the best cheese is available on the west coast of Scotland. We’ve pulled together the top cheese spots to call in on when you visit the west coast! [...]

5 Reasons to Visit Mull

Mull is the second largest Island on the Inner Hebrides after Skye. The island's main town is Tobermory which is renowned for the bright and vibrant colours of the water front buildings which were featured on children's TV show Balamory. Mull is a beautiful place to explore both for families and adventurers. However, there is [...]

Climbing On The West Coast of Scotland

The climbing diversity in Scotland is huge, from mountain crags and sea cliff climbing to bouldering. Typically, people associate the Highlands with the best Scottish climbing areas, however they could not be more wrong! The Scottish western isles have some amazing climbs that are complete with unparalleled views! Mull With an area of 875 square [...]

Castles On The West Coast Of Scotland

Scotland is full of stunning and majestic castles, with some of the quirkiest living on the west coast. Scottish Castles were built and used as fortresses, their main purpose being to withhold enemy attacks and keep occupents safe. When people think of Castles in Scotland they usually think of Edinburgh, Stirling and the Scottish Highlands. [...]

5 Reasons To Visit The West Coast in Pictures

They say a picture tells a 1000 words, so instead of trying to convince you in writing how beautiful the west coast of Scotland is we thought we would let the photos do the talking. Bute Only 33 miles from Glasgow, Bute is one of the most accessible westerly isles from the Scottish central belt. [...]

Music Festivals On The West Coast

When you think of music festivals in Scotland, your thoughts probably jump to mud, rain and TITP. However Scotland has a diverse range of music festivals that span a number of months, none of which by the way have reported missing cash machines! Music festivals take place all across Scotland, from Edinburgh to the Shetland [...]

A Beginners Guide to the Highland Games

The Scottish Highland Games take place across the length and breadth of the country over spring and summer. They are a way of celebrating both Scottish and Celtic culture, with bagpipes, kilts and the caber toss being a key feature across all Scottish Highland Games. The games are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in [...]

3 Incredible Islands You Need To Visit In Scotland

If you need inspiration for your next weekend getaway then look no further than the latest review on The Travel Hack. The Travel Hack is a travel/lifestyle blog that aims to showcase that adventure travel can be both affordable and stylish! Voted as one of the UK's top 10 travel blogs; The Travel Hack offers [...]

The West Coast of Scotland: A Chocolate Lover’s Dream!

Scotland is a country renowned for its passion for food, drink and the odd wee dram! With so many national delicacies to try; think haggis, shortbread, Irn-Bru and even the infamous deep fried mars bar, chocolate probably wouldn't make your list. Chocolate shops however have continued to pop up across Scotland over the last ten [...]