Fishing on the West Coast

The West Coast of Scotland offers excellent fishing opportunities for sea anglers and fresh water fisherman. The waters around Mull in particular have proven to be one of the best fishing spots the UK has to offer, and have a variety of wonderful rivers, lochs and lochans to fish in.

Fishing on the West Coast

Within these waters, fishers can find a diverse range of wonderful species, especially within the Sound of Mull, due to fish swimming in from the Atlantic Ocean. There are also many shipwrecks, such as SS Hispania and SS Shuna (which can also be dived too!), that attract a vast and varied amount of fish, enhancing any fisher’s experience!

With waters over 60 metres deep, the West Coast of Scotland holds many fishing records, including those for largest Plaice, Grey Gurnard, Angler Fish, Streaked Gurnard, Red Gurnard and Turbot. Perhaps the most impressive record however is the 227lb common skate caught in 1986 just off of Tobermory on Mull.

Loch Frisa is the area’s largest and arguably most popular loch. The loch itself is over 5 miles long and offers anglers the chance to catch salmon and sea trout from July onwards. The largest trout caught in Loch Frisa was 15lbs, however fisherman are likely to catch trout between the sizes of 4-6lbs on average. An important point to consider before venturing to Loch Frisa are the days’ wind conditions, as wind direction can affect how well the loch fishes during your trip.

Another popular fishing point is Loch Ba, situated in Mull. Slightly smaller than Loch Frisa, Loch Ba is 3 miles long, half a mile wide and 40 metres deep, with waters particularly good for catching brown trout, salmon and sea trout.

There are a variety of other spots, situated in close proximity to Mull that are also great spots for fishing, such as Loch Squabain, River Aros, Loch Torr, and The Glen Lochs. Each have different permissions and prices for fishing, so make sure to check these before arriving!

Although you don’t need a license to fish in Mull, you do require permits or permission for the different waters, so this is something which should be taken into consideration before planning your fishing trip to the Isle of Mull, or anywhere else on Scotland’s West Coast.

Overall, from walking holidays and scuba diving to a variety of great fishing points, Scotland’s West Coast has a lot to offer visitors. For the full West Coast experience, why not consider one of our popular tours between April and September!