Visit Mull – Wild about wildlife

In recent years Mull has become known as the foremost eco-tourism destination in the UK, in large part due to the successful reintroduction of magnificent White-tailed Eagles. Standing (from head to talon) at 1 metre tall and weighing-in at up to 7 kg, the White-tailed Eagle is the largest and heaviest bird of prey in the British Isles. Its huge bulk and long, broad wingspan of up to 2.5 metres make this the undisputed King of British raptors and an awe-inspiring sight.

Visit Mull - Wild about wildlife

But while the White-tailed Eagles might be the star of the show, there’s lots more wildlife with around 35 pairs of Golden Eagles also living on Mull within its moorland and mountains, healthy numbers of other birds of prey and its shoreline is home to grey seals, Minke Whales, Basking Sharks and Bottlenose Dolphin.

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The really great news for visitors to Mull is that there are dedicated wildlife walks and boat trips that focus on getting you up close to all of this wonderful wildlife so you can have a ‘wild’ experience as part of your visit.

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