Beaches On The West Coast

It’s incredible how often we hear “I can’t believe this is Scotland” from people taking their first trip to the West Coast.

Over the last few months, we’ve looked at the West Coast of Scotland as a great destination for camping, surfing, and walking holidays. We haven’t however looked at The West Coast’s renowned white sand beaches!

There aren’t many times that Mexico and Mauritius are spoken about in the same breath as Mull, but make no mistake, when it comes to beauty and beaches, there’s little to choose between them!

There’s a huge array of wonderful beaches to enjoy when visiting Mull and other places on the West Coast of Scotland; here are a few of our favourites!

Triagh Gheal

Tireragan -estate

Triagh Gheal, gaelic for “White Beach” is wonderfully secluded, and best enjoyed with friends, family and a picnic! Accessible by either boat, or a three-hour walk through the Tiregan Nature Reserve, Triagh Gheal is a special heaven situated on the South of Mull!

Laggan -sands -1

Laggan Sands

Another slice of paradise waiting to be discovered on Mull is Laggan Sands. This spot is a particular treat for wildlife enthusiasts, as sea eagles, golden eagles, and seals can regularly be spotted at this Western heaven, which was voted as the 9th best beach in the UK for wildlife spotting by The Guardian in 2006!

St Columbas Bay

Iona – Port Ban & St. Columba’s Bay

If you’re not a fan of sand, Iona also has the wonderful St Columba’s Bay, a terrific stoned beach famous for its glistening green stones, known as “Columba’s Tears”. Situated on the southern coastline of Iona, St Columba’s Bay is a great for a day spotting seals, sun-bathing on the nearby grass, and finding little mementos to bring back to your loved ones! The Isle of Iona, which is also a part of our Three Isles Tour, possesses a fine selection of beaches to choose from. Our favourite is arguably the soft sands of Port Ban, situated on the western side of the island. Best enjoyed in the summer months, this marvellous beach is a great little spot for a swim, as it is enclosed by steep sided rocks and cliffs, which act as a sun trap, making the water lovely and warm!

Sure, you can take in the beauty of the Triagh Gheal, Laggan Sands, Port Ban, and St Columba’s Bay in the comfort of your own home, but their beauty cannot be truly appreciated until experienced first hand.

So, if you are looking for something different this summer, or are unsure on where to book that next beach holiday, why not look a little closer to home and enjoy a summer with West Coast Tours!