Visit the Giants Causeway from Scotland

Our Kintyre Express service offers a great way to access Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast which features breathtaking and rugged coastline and is home to the world-famous Giant’s Causeway.

Giant's Causeway folklore

But while you have no doubt heard of County Antrim’s Giant’s Causeway, have you heard the folklore story behind its creation?

Well, the story goes that one day the fifty foot tall Ulster giant Finn MacCool, grew angry when he heard that a Scottish giant Benandonner was mocking his fighting ability. He threw a rock across the Irish Sea to Scotland, attaching to it a challenge to the rival giant. The Scottish giant quickly threw a message tied to a rock back to Finn, stating that he would not take up the challenge because he couldn’t swim to reach Ireland. Finn swore not to let the Scottish giant off so easily and responded by tearing down the great pieces of volcanic rock that lay near the coast and stood the pieces upright, making them into pillars that formed a Causeway stretching from Ireland to Scotland.

The Scottish giant now had no excuse but to come to Finn’s house. MacCool, masquerading as an 18-foot baby, bit the Scottish giant’s hand and chased him back to Scotland, flinging huge lumps of earth after him. One of the large holes he created filled with water and became Lough Neagh. One large lump of earth missed the Scottish giant, fell into the Irish Sea, and is now known as the Isle of Man.

Campbeltown – the ideal base for exploring

As well as being an excellent base for exploring the attractions of scenic southern Kintyre and Northern Ireland, given its only a 1 hour and 30 minutes ferry journey to Ballycastle, Campbeltown offers its own unique attractions.

Known locally as ‘the wee toon’, Campbeltown is a peaceful town situated on the beautiful peninsula of Kintyre, located on a deep bay sheltered by Davaar Island and the surrounding hills.

Kintyre Express

Once proclaimed ‘the whisky capital of the world’ when it had an impressive 34 distilleries, today there are only three active ones in the town – Glen Scotia, Glengyle and Springbank. However, visitors can still enjoy the unique flavour of its whiskies with guided tours available at Springbank, owned by the Mitchell family since 1828.

Near Campbeltown you can also enjoy lots of different activities – from golf to horse riding and Machrihanish not only offers an amazing golf course but beautiful, unspoilt sandy beach.